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Corporate Wellness

Fresh food diet plans help your employees boost their well-being, performance and productivity.

As an employer, you rely on the performance level of your staff for the productivity, efficiency and success of your company. The health of your employees underpins their individual performance. Thus, it makes sense that supporting your staff with healthy eating can help optimise their mental acuity and physical health. Corporate Wellness provides personalised fresh food diet plans and corporate seminars on performance related nutrition and dieting allowing you to educate your workforce and support them in becoming healthier, happier, more productive individuals. Looking after the welfare of your employees in this way also forms a key part of delivering high standards of CSR.

      The Bodychef was the first ‘Home Delivery Diet’ company in the UK and now specialises in delivering personalised fresh food diet plans direct to the homes of it clients


Sylvia Hensher

  • Nutritional support
  • Addressing general health and well-being
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  • Fresh food eating plans
  • Seminar offers
  • Tax Incentives
  • Volume Rebates
  • Progress Measurement
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