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Corporate Wellness


how it all works

The Corporate Wellness weight-loss and healthy eating solution originated from our parent company The Bodychef Ltd. The Bodychef was the first ‘Home Delivery Diet’ company in the UK and now specialises in delivering personalised fresh food diet plans direct to the homes of it clients. The company started 12 years ago when Jayne Ritchie (founder) thought how much easier it would be to lose weight if someone was to take care of the shopping, calorie counting, cooking and portion control for her.

This was the basis for the solution. Bodychef now prepares, cooks, packs and delivers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to hundreds of people throughout the UK enabling them to lose weight and become healthier without the hassle. Not only do many clients report losing up to a stone in their first month but they also convey how using the Bodychef has helped them to retrain their eating habits resulting long-term sustainable change.

It soon became clear that the Bodychef fresh food hampers were a great talking point around the work place with more and more customers coming on board after seeing their colleagues bring in a different Bodychef lunch and snack each day. In some instances this created a support network of dieters within in the work place who were able to encourage one another, discuss the food and celebrate their weight-loss achievements together. Getting wind of the buzz that our diets had created within companies and hearing some of the positive effects this was having from a staff performance perspective lead us to create the Corporate Wellness solution, supported by the Bodychef.

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