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Corporate Wellness

Your staff can choose from 11 delicious plans

Managing the health of employees is equivalent to managing the productivity of the organisation.  Food plays such a big part in health and wellness.   It can help with stress, depression, energy levels and performance.  The World Health Organisation says that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20 percent! 

Imagine your work place with healthier, happier and more productive staff.  Investing in employee health inspires a more efficient and productive workforce. Employees who feel good, work better.

All of our diet plans are nutritionally balanced, and can be tailored to suit any food exclusions and dietary/religious preferences. Unlike any other diet delivery plans, there’s no limit to the number of food exclusions that can be made.  

All meals and snacks are freshly prepared and delivered twice a week – It’s the simplest way to lose weight, become healthier, happier and more productive in the workplace and at home.

We offer a completely dynamic and personal service that only requires three days notice for any fit plan changes or adjustments.


Delivering constant energy and fat burning foods, meat eaters will love this plan! Click to View this Plan
This diet is far from boring. You will feel more energetic, healthy and ready to tackle anything! Click to View this Plan
Cleanse your body, eliminate toxins and boost your immune system Click to View this Plan
Feel fuller for longer, balance blood sugars and banish cravings Click to View this Plan
Packed with immune boosting nutrients and health benefits Click to View this Plan
Loosely based on the Atkins principle Balances low carb Maintains muscle Click to View this Plan
Benefits the brain, the nervous system, vision, reduces the risk of cancer and increases life expectancy. Heart healthy dieting and rapid weight loss. Click to View this Plan
Lose weight the easiest way possible Based around the Flat Belly Diet book. Click to View this Plan
One of the leading diets gets the Bodychef treatment! 5:2 - five days of normal eating, two days of fasting (500 calories). Click to View this Plan
The alternative detox diet is fully of good fats, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables to help mop up all the free radicals you are exposed to on a daily basis. Click to View this Plan
Wean yourself off refined sugar, stabilise blood sugar levels & reduce insulin resistance Click to View this Plan

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