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Corporate Wellness


Corporate diet plans.

About Sylvia

BSc (Hons) Nutritional Health
BSc (Econ) Sociology

Sylvia has a First Class Honours BSc degree in Nutritional Health as well as a BSc in Sociology, which provides an ideal complement to her work as a Clinical Nutritionist. She provides personalised nutrition consultations, seminars and courses, as well as laboratory
testing to individuals and businesses throughout London.

Sylvia aims to impart practical nutrition knowledge which is grounded in sound scientific principles to make the difference between clients feeling just “okay” and feeling in top mental and physical form. As a mother of 2 teenage children, she understands the challenges involved in making dietary and lifestyle changes, particularly within a family context.

How Sylvia Works

Sylvia doesn’t tell you to give up chocolate and your favourite foods. Why? Because she knows that diets based on choice restriction and calorie limits usually fail. People get tired of feeling hungry and deprived. They go off their diets, and even worse, then feel bad about themselves for not having enough will power, discipline, and/or motivation to stick to their regimes.

Instead, Sylvia helps you make small, step-by-step changes to your diet, in a way you can sustain. The only way to do that is to mutually agree on changes and include the foods you enjoy.

Clients are repeatedly surprised how small dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to significant improvements in long-term health. Being an enthusiastic cook and connoisseur of good food, she believes that nutritious, healthy food should be delicious too!

How nutrition can help you

Sylvia addresses general health and well-being, and has a special interest in weight management, digestive complaints, high cholesterol, fatigue and female/male health.

The nutritional and lifestyle approaches to healthcare used in nutritional therapy have been repeatedly shown to support all the major systems of the body, including:

  • Muscular Health
  • Skeletal Health
  • Nervous System Functioning (brain, spinal cord and nerve cells)
  • Respiratory Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Digestive Health
  • Excretory System Functioning (elimination of wastes i.e. liver and kidneys)
  • Endocrine Health (glands and organs that produce and regulate hormones ie thyroid and adrenal glands)
  • Immune Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Integumentary Health (Skin, Hair, Nails)


Corporate Clients

Nutrition Education Seminar for Bacardi-Martini Corporation Limited

“We invited Sylvia to join us to run an interactive 1 hour session on nutrition during our January well-being month. I found Sylvia to be a joy to work with before, during and after the event. She understood our brief and combined basic clear nutrition information with topical subjects including food and alcohol, superfoods and “is low fat really low fat”? I would definitely not hesitate inviting Sylvia back should the occasion arise”.
Heidi Wood, Senior HR Manager, Bacardi -Martini Corporation Limited, London

Stress Workshop for The Metropolitan London Hotel

“Thank you Sylvia for attending our Health Awareness Day on Stress and giving my colleagues the benefit of your expertise on how stress can be combated through nutrition. I know that everyone who attended really enjoyed your presentation and the personalised advice you gave in response to the many and varied questions asked. Having caught up with some of my colleagues this week I know that some have been quick to implement your good advice. Thank you once again and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. ”
Sarah Gouges, HR & Training Manager at The Metropolitan London Hotel, Mayfair

Private Clients

Complex mixture of symptoms
“I started seeing Sylvia last year with a multitude of concerns which my doctor had over the years been unable to resolve fully. Sylvia is endlessly kind and patient and incredibly smart. She has spent so much time unpicking the problems and giving me constant advice and support way beyond the extent of any other practitioner I have come across. Her advice has made a real, physical difference but perhaps more importantly has put my health back in my own hands. Sylvia really is exceptional – in her knowledge, service and value.”
JR, Camden Town

Weight Gain & Energy
“Sylvia, thanks so much for all your support. Before I changed my eating and lifestyle habits, I weighed 80 kilograms. After 2 months I am 73 kilograms and feel very light & energetic. My waist has shrunk from 33inches to 30 inches and it means so much to me. Once again thanks for everything.”
M.P. London

Serious Hormonal Imbalance
“I consulted Sylvia with suspicions that I was suffering from a serious hormonal imbalance. I had read a lot on the subject, both online and in books, but I really needed someone to help me sort through all the advice and focus on what was right for me. Sylvia helped me see that simply by adjusting not just what, but how I ate, I could gain real benefits- not just for my hormonal health but for energy and stress levels as well. With so many companies recommending expensive ‘magic bullet’ remedies I was pleased to find out that Sylvia saw supplements just as a support to a healthy eating plan and not the main way of treating my condition. She made it clear I would not be taking all these supplements forever but just until I started to feel I had the condition under control.
It is now almost a year since my first consultation with Sylvia and I now feel that I am completely in control of the condition, rather than it controlling me. As an added bonus I feel I have the energy to cope with a busy and stressful lifestyle. Sylvia’s support has been consistent throughout this time, always on hand for advice. I feel that my general health has benefitted in many ways since consulting with Sylvia (I haven’t had a cold in the last year for example) and that my consultations with her have really given me so much more than I expected.”

S. T. Belfast

London Nutrition Clinics (Telephone/Skype consultations available)

Marylebone/Baker Street Clinic
21 Dorset Square
London NW1 6QG
Nearest Transport: Baker Street & Marylebone stations
Telephone/Skype consultations available

St John’s Wood Clinics
(Nearest Transport: St John’s Wood tube station)
1. Nature’s Healing Garden
25 St John’s Wood High Street
St John’s Wood
London NW8 7NH

2. Kailash Centre
7 Newcourt Street
St John’s Wood
London NW8 7AA

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