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Corporate Wellness

Weight Loss Diet Plans

Our weight loss diet plans can help you or your staff to successfully lose a stone a month with healthy, balanced and tasty fresh food diet plans. This eliminates the possibility of cheating on the diet and helps to retrain eating habits so the weight stays off! Our corporate weight loss diet plans rotate every 4 weeks and consist of 8 deliveries each month. Dieting 7 days a week ensures you maximise all the benefits of your Wellness total eating diet plan. After tailoring your diet, we provide you with absolutely everything you will need to eat and it’s all done fresh twice each week… your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks and condiments. We even bake the cakes in-house!

Delivering constant energy with fat burning foods. Tasty and varied meals allow stress free healthy eating Click to View this Plan
Great vegetarian recipes Natural Plant Proteins Well balanced, low fat and fibre rich employees feel more energetic and optimistic Click to View this Plan
Eliminating toxins Inner cleansing, Boosts your mood and immune system providing a healthier lifestyle Click to View this Plan
Packed with nutritional value Perfect balance of food for feelings of wellbeing Click to View this Plan
Loosely based on the Atkins principle Balances low carb Maintains muscle Click to View this Plan
Heart healthy dieting Banish pre break cravings Rapid weight loss Antioxidants & MUFAs Click to View this Plan
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