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Corporate Wellness

Our tiered offer allows you to choose a package that best meets your businesses needs and objectives. At Bronze level, you have the opportunity to promote healthy eating throughout your company and provide your employees with an exclusive discount on fresh food diets delivered to their homes. This offer costs your business nothing!

The Silver and Gold packages allow your company to contribute towards the cost of your staff’s new healthy eating plans
and have this contribution matched by Corporate Wellness! This means that your workforce could receive up to a 30% price reduction off their fresh food hampers making this a very attractive and cost-effective healthy eating solution for the employee.

Depending on the package you select your business may also take advantage of offers on our Corporate Wellness seminars. These powerful workshops are designed to educate your team on nutrition and performance which in turn boost wellness and productivity. Our seminars are delivered by our qualified corporate nutritionist.

Each of the packages includes the provision of the printed material you require to raise awareness of this healthy eating initiative throughout your company as well as periodic emails which are designed to support, motivate and educate your team.

The Gold package includes progress support. Here Corporate Wellness provides the facilities required for your team to track and measure their progress. This extra service allows you to see the impact of your new healthy eating provision and compare areas such as weight-loss, energy levels, productivity and more.

The Platinum package provides the flexibility for us to tailor a deal based on the specific needs of your business. This results in your employees receiving the fresh food diets plans at no cost and opens up the possibility of volume based rebates. Here we will consider the number of employees, length of plan and requirements from the features mentioned above in order to provide a solution that will have maximum impact on your business in the most cost effective way possible.

See chart below for breakdown of the packages available.

No Financial Support Financial Support
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Corporate Wellness Discount 10% 10% 15% Y
Your Company’s Contribution 0% 10% 15% Y
Seminar Offers N 15% 25% Y
Leaflets & Posters Y Y Y Y
Email Support Y Y Y Y
Tax Incentive N Y Y Y
Progress Measurement N N Y Y
Volume Rebate N N N Y
Employee Saving 10% 20% 30% 100%
Number of Candidates No minimum 10 – 20 20+ 10+
  • 10% Corporate Wellness Discount
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Email Support
  • Employee Saving: 10%
  • 10% Corporate Wellness Discount
  • 10% Company Contribution
  • 15% Seminar Offers
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Email Support
  • Tax Incentive
  • Employee Saving: 20%
  • 10 – 20 Candidates
  • 15% Corporate Wellness Discount
  • 15% Company Contribution
  • 25% Seminar Offers
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Email Support
  • Tax Incentive
  • Progress Measurement
  • Employee Saving: 30%
  • 20+ Candidates
  • Corporate Wellness Discount
  • Company Contribution
  • Seminar Offers
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Email Support
  • Tax Incentive
  • Progress Measurement
  • Volume Rebate
  • Employee Saving: 100%
  • 10+ Candidates
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